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Sheen Time: Bear Davis Q&A

January 24, 2018
Ohio Machine Head Coach and General Manager Bear Davis took some time to answer some questions some fans on social media. Be sure to follow the Machine on   Facebook,    Twitter,   Instagram and  Snapchat and use #OilUp to get in on the conversation!  

What is your favorite goal from last season? What do you want to see the game of lacrosse accomplish? - Franklin F.

Bear: I think at Boston there was a goal where Connor [Cannizzaro]—it was his first game—and there was a ball near the Boston sideline. You know the shot clock was running down. He gets the ball, throws it like 40 yards to Mark Cockerton—and it was just a great hustle play, and then Mark scored. Of course, we won the game in overtime, but I feel like that goal helped solidify that Connor was going to be a fit. He sold the guys like “I’m here to help us win games.” I mean there were several “great goals” but that was really just a hustle goal and a hustle assist that really helped solidify our offense and being a part of our offense.

I think as we talk about growing the game, we need to understand where it needs the most help in growing. And I don’t know if suburban America is necessarily those areas. We need to be more aggressive in getting into the urban areas and the rural areas. I think that should be our goal, it’s to help those areas grow.


I notice a visor is your preferred sideline headgear. What's the story with that? - Brent A.

Bear: Well I’ve noticed that since my junior year of college when I shaved my head bald, that my head just is not shaped very well, and it’s not shaped well for a full hat. (smiles) So starting during that time, I started cutting the tops of my hats out, even before visors were a thing. It was just because I never felt that hats look great on my head anyway. So I’ve been a visor guy since then.


What's your favorite thing about the state of Ohio? - Casey P.

Well I can’t pick just one. I mean, I love the seasons of the year here. We get a full four seasons. I definitely love that the state is sports state. The people are really passionate about their sports. Just the Midwestern feel to Ohio, everyone is genuinely down to earth, and pretty good people. The people here can be pretty selfless and take the time to be good to one another.


What the best defensive lacrosse stick setup? - Alex H.

The kind that stops the other team from scoring. (Laughs) It’s not the wand, it’s the magician.


How much do you think lacrosse will grow in Ohio and how do you think your attendance will grow based off of that? - Nicholas W.

I think it really just depends on how accessible the equipment is and how we can educate more people about the sport. We can only grow as fast as we can get coaches and referees. I don’t foresee the issue with kids wanting to play. I think a lot of kids do want to play. I think growing it properly is more of a concern. Making sure that we have officials and coaches seems to be the biggest roadblock right now.

As far as attendance for our games and watching it grow, I think that the more that we have involvement with the growth, and people’s first experiences with the game of lacrosse, will directly correlate with the Ohio Machine and our attendance.


If you weren’t a lacrosse coach, what would you be doing? What are your favorite sports and teams besides lacrosse and the Machine? - Zach M.

I definitely would be a restaurant or bar entrepreneur. And with my time in Pittsburgh, I’m a diehard Pittsburgh fan. From the Steelers, Pirates, Penguins, and I’ve become really passionate about those teams. Particularly the Steelers, just living there and seeing how the Rooney family treats their players, their coaches and the city, I felt like not only do they offer the history of the franchise, but just what they do in their community is pretty special.


Toilet paper roll...over or under? - Jon G.

I think any parent that teaches their kid under needs to be reevaluating their parenting skills. (laughs)