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Get to Know: Scott Rodgers

March 19, 2016
Where are you living now?
Towson, Maryland.
What are you up to this offseason?
I am mostly training and working out. I am in my first year working as a strength coach at Johns Hopkins University doing strength coaching for all sports and run the weight room every evening . I was very fortunate to have Jay Dyer, who is the head strength coach for the all of professional lacrosse, help me get my foot in the door with strength coaching and land me the job at John Hopkins. After graduating from Notre Dame, I could have landed a job on Wall Street or Goldman Sachs, but I realized what I wanted to do was strength training. Growing up I thought my end goal would be becoming a head lacrosse coach somewhere but throughout college I began to realize what my true passion was. My dad told me to follow my heart and absolutely love what I do, and so I walked away from both the business world and head coaching to pursue strength training. Turns out I absolutely love it. Plus I get to wear sweats to work, rather than suits!
How do you stay connected to lacrosse?
I took about a month off from lacrosse at the conclusion of the season. Most guys tend to do this but being a goalie I find it especially important in order to heal up and regain my sanity after having shots fired at me all summer. I’m starting to get back into lacrosse and get to practice a lot while doing strength coaching.
What does your training schedule look like?
As a strength coach I’m training constantly. I work out five days a week-both lifting and running, and then I take the weekends off in order to regroup. I take shots at me about three days a week and this will increase as we get closer to the start of the season. I really enjoy professional lacrosse because it gives the players a chance to tailor our own workouts rather than being on a strict schedule and being told what to do in college. What it comes down to is how much work you put in throughout the offseason. This offseason work will be recognizable when it comes time for the season, those who have trained will show it, while others will be left behind. Immediately after our season ended, Kyle Harrison told us that we should expect an email from him and sure enough the very next day Kyle had emailed us saying, it was time to get back to work. As a team, we truly believe that the work in the offseason is the difference between losing in the first round and winning a possible championship.
How do you feel about what you accomplished last season?
This was my fifth season in MLL and I think that this season especially made me realize how important it is to learn to sacrifice yourself and what you want for the benefit of the team. I’ve learned to be mentally strong and to be patient. Playing goalie requires patience because there is only one of you on the field. The best advice I have ever received and something I needed at the time was from my high school coach, he told me, ‘you gotta stop being a me guy and start being a we guy,’ and from that point on I’ve tried to live by that. This was probably my favorite team I’ve been a part of, college and professionally, because I absolutely love the guys. There’s no animosity, we all want what’s best for the whole.
How do you feel about what the Machine accomplished last season?    
This season started out on a low note as we were losing a lot early on. After a 1-3 start we knew we were hanging our heads not because we lost but because we knew we were capable of being better. After we lost to Boston, at home in Ohio, we knew we weren’t playing up to our ability. The guys got together and went on a little run. From then on we won six in a row. The ability we showed to come back from that was a huge accomplishment and showed a lot about who we were as a team.
In what area of your game are you are you working on the most?
Our film coaches at the Machine have sent us game footage and pointed out all our tendencies. We all have a lot of natural tendencies, my goal is to attack these weaknesses in the offseason and turn them into strengths during the season.”
Is there a certain shot you need to work on saving?
Hahahaha, nope. I can’t give that away!
What are your personal goals for the 2015 season?
Obviously play a little more but I really want to keep the same squad together. Like I said this is my favorite team I’ve been on because I love every one of the guys. We still have our Machine group chat going in full swing, talking every day about things both lacrosse related and non-lacrosse related. My priorities have changed from wanting to be the man to winning a championship. My time is running out and I would love to win a championship and get to hold that trophy alongside of 25 of my best buds.
What are your goals for the Machine in 2015?
Win a championship!
What is your pre-game routine?
Listening to music is always a pre-game routine but I really like to find a wall and juggle two lacrosse balls against it to get my hand-eye coordination fired up and ready to go. I usually go out to the field with my headphones on and play wall ball for about 20 minutes. Before the game is all about getting mentally prepared because as a goalie you never know what could happen. I always try to prepare not like a backup but like a starter and go into the game with a clear mind. But music, music is always important.
Do you have a favorite song?
The locker room has a whole playlist we go through before each game but I think most of the guys would agree that out favorite song is ‘No Beasts’ a techno song we love to jam to.
What is your College Lacrosse National Champion prediction?
Duke vs. Notre Dame with Notre Dame as the winner. I would love to see the Irish win one after losing to Duke the last couple years.
What is your favorite deli sandwich?
It’s from the restaurant Coliseum Deli which is in long Island. I get the chicken cutlet on a gyro with Russian dressing and mozzarella. It’s a team favorite. We go there every time we play New York.