Coach's Corner: Bear Davis

12/4/13 11:51 AM

Coach's Corner: Bear Davis

I think putting together a 23-man roster can be difficult in the sense that you are inevitably going to leave a solid 24th and 25th man off that you take the risk of losing during the Supplemental Draft. The good news is that everyone else is in the same situation. The process has really forced us to further define who we are and who we want to be in the future.

Once we do that, we simply plug in the guys who will best help us get there and we hope we are right!

We know that some but not all of the answers to our personnel issues can be fixed in the supplemental and collegiate drafts. With that in mind, we tried to be creative with other options heading into the drafts and that allowed us to pick up some much-needed veteran depth at midfield and defense with Stephen Peyser and Brian Farrell.

Our staff feels very confident that we have a solid game plan to put together a Championship caliber team. One that the Ohio fans deserve to come watch when they buy a ticket!!

Oil it up,
Coach Davis

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