Machine Lose Final Home Game of the Season

7/27/13 12:00 AM

Machine Lose Final Home Game of the Season

The Ohio Machine faced the Charlotte Hounds in the final home game of the season and lost 13-10 in another hard fight for a comeback.

The Machine shot out of the opening face-off ready to take on its league rival and win the final home game of the season. Kiel Matisz took the offense to the cage and scored the first goal of the game to give the Machine an early lead. Marcus Holman kept working the offense and put up another goal for the Machine shortly after.

The Charlotte offense tried to push past the Machine defense to find a scoring opportunity, but goalie Brian Phipps shut down each shot with a save. Ryan Young put the Hounds on the board with seconds left in the first quarter, but the Machine had a 2-1 lead going into the second quarter.

The Hounds were on a mission to take the lead in the second quarter and went on a 5-0 scoring streak, including a 2-point goal from Matt Danowski. Joe Cummings broke Charlotte’s momentum and scored a goal halfway through the quarter, but the Hounds still held a large 7-3 lead. Charlotte put on two more goals to close out the first half leading 9-3.

The Machine started the third quarter with back-to-back goals from Kiel Matisz and Chazz Woodson to tighten the Hounds lead by only four points. Charlotte responded with a goal from Mason Poli in hopes of breaking away with the lead again. Jeff Ledwick and Logan Schuss stopped the breakaway by scoring two goals to bring the score back to a four-point game. Kyle Hartzell closed out the quarter with a goal for the Fireball Whisky Shot of the Game, and the Machine was trailing 11-8 going into the final fifteen minutes.

Charlotte scored two goals quickly in the fourth quarter and increased its lead 13-8, but the Machine kept fighting to keep the score close. Logan Schuss scored back-to-back goals with less than five minutes to play in the game. The Machine couldn’t get to the net soon enough to score in the final minutes of the game and lost 13-10.

Following all of the “Fan Appreciation Night” activities, the Machine gave out team awards to five deserving players who worked hard all season on the field as both leaders and players.

Logan Schuss received Rookie of the Season for an outstanding performance in his first season in MLL. Brian Phipps was named Defensive Player for saving over 100 goals so far this season and Joe Cummings was named Offensive Player for his multi-goal games and powerhouse goals. Scott Rodgers received the Unsung Hero Award for his support and leadership from the sidelines during games and Steele Stanwick won Season MVP for both his leadership and playing abilities.

The Machine wants to thank all of its fans for the support during another amazing home season! The Machine is on the road for the final two games of the season and will face the Boston Cannons on Aug. 3 at 4 p.m. Fans can watch the game live at

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