Machine Loses Momentum in Third Loss

5/18/13 10:53 PM

Machine Loses Momentum in Third Loss


Box Score

The Ohio Machine faced the New York Lizards for the first time at home this weekend and suffered its third loss of the season.

The Lizards opened up the first quarter strong starting with a 5-0 scoring streak within the first five minutes. Chazz Woodson broke New York’s streak scoring the first Machine goal of the game and setting the pace for the rest of the team.

With one minute left of the quarter, Ray Megill scored his first season goal with a breakaway from midfield. The Lizards led 5-2 at the end of the first quarter, but the Machine was ready to close the gap.

“It’s not a matter of offense or defense that determines how we get goals,” said Megill. “The team chemistry is there and we have to continue playing as a team to get better each and every week and push through.”

Will Harrington opened up the second quarter with the third Machine goal, bringing the Machine within two goals of New York’s lead. The Lizards offense fought hard to gain back their large five-goal lead from the first quarter. Stephen Berger and David Earl found the net within the last few minutes of the half to bring their lead back up 7-3.

Coming out of halftime, the Machine came back with goals from Woodson, for his second goal of the game, and Kiel Matisz for his first goal of the season. New York picked up their momentum and was on a 4-0 scoring streak with goals from Stephen Peyser, David Earl, Berger and Albert Maione.

“We need more flow on offense because it is pretty stagnant right now,” said Woodson. “It’s a matter of execution and how we complete our game plan. We are moving the ball and our feet better but there are still things we need to improve on for next week.”

Eric O’Brien put an end to another Lizards scoring streak by scoring his first goal of the game. New York responded by putting two more goals on the scoreboard before the end of the third quarter with 13-6 lead going into the final 15 minutes.

Both teams had difficulty finding the net in the final quarter. Lizards’ Berger scored the only Lizards goal in the fourth quarter, while Steele Stanwick and Kyle Hartzell were able to add on two more Machine goals. Despite the slow momentum, New York still came out with a 14-8 victory and Berger was named the Player of the Game.

“For next week’s game against Hamilton, we need to reemphasize what is important on offense,” said Head Coach Ted Garber. “We’re not going to give up as a team. Our determination was there tonight, we just beat ourselves up at the last possible minute.”

The Machine takes on the Hamilton Nationals next Thursday, May 23 at 7:30 p.m. at Selby Stadium, Delaware, Ohio. Click here to purchase tickets to "Military Appreciation Night."

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