2013 Sponsor Spotlight: Socius

4/23/13 9:00 AM

2013 Sponsor Spotlight: Socius

As the Ohio Machine prepares for its second season, it continues to add new partners to the Machine family, including Socius, an internationally recognized business consulting firm. Socius, the official technology solutions provider of the Machine, is an Ohio-based company that provides business consulting services in the area of technology solutions for growing businesses and organizations.

Socius will help the Machine with business decisions and outreach in the Ohio community, in addition to helping spread game day entertainment to Machine fans. Marketing Director of Socius, Ken Ledyard, supports the growth of Ohio sports teams and is looking forward to adding the Machine to their list of professional sports clients.

“We not only reside in Ohio, we are committed to our local communities and the organizations that we share those communities with,” said Ledyard. “Whether it is raising funds for our not-for-profit clients or supporting our local professional sports team clients, Socius believes in investing in the organizations around us and we encourage and assist our employees in doing the same.”

Socius recognizes that lacrosse is one of the fastest growing sports in the country and is looking forward to becoming involved in an exciting new business opportunity. The company wants to see the Machine excel on and off the field, as a business and as a team. Ledyard said that the personal interest many Socius employees have in lacrosse gives the company both a professional and personal enthusiasm about the partnership.

“Socius is an organization that really shares our passion for the sport of lacrosse,” said Machine President and GM John Algie. “We’re pleased to add them as partners and look forward to sharing their passion with our fans.”

“The Ohio Machine’s goal is to win both on and off the field – to grow the talent of its players, as well as to grow its business,” said Ledyard. “As a young organization in only its second year, we are able to help the Machine set a foundation for success based on the experiences that we have helping other professional sports teams succeed.”

With the second season less than a month away, Socius is looking forward to the opportunities this partnership will present to both businesses. Socius will help the Machine reach its ultimate goal of providing the “Machine Experience” to its fans, while Socius expands its name in the central Ohio business community. Socius will be hosting one Machine in-game contest per game for the fans to win awesome prizes such as an Xbox 360 during the home opener on May 4 and on June 15 and July 27.

“We are looking forward to being part of the excitement and supporting an up-and-coming team in a sport gaining momentum and growing in popularity,” said Ledyard. “It is an exciting time to get involved with the Machine and we are looking forward to the opportunities that will be presented to both of our organizations to demonstrate our capabilities to the fans and supporters of the Machine.”

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