Ohio Machine Sound Off: Player Q&A

3/22/13 12:24 PM

Ohio Machine Sound Off: Player Q&A

What sort of work outs do you go through prior to training camp?

Greg Bice: I like to play different sports to get ready for camp and lift weights. This year I have been training with Tiger Rugby and playing 7s to get my conditioning levels up!

Jim Connolly: Wall Ball and Jump Rope. I feel these are two of the best work outs you can do (no matter what age) to get ready for the season. I also mix in some shooting, sprint work and lifting.

Ray Megill: All off-season I’ve worked out at Crossfit Montgomery County here in Maryland. It is a fantastic workout day in and day out. Some days I add a little more in to get the extra push, but typically the workouts are enough. Typically around January that’s when I start kicking the endurance up with some spinning classes or distance running. I usually always start with the endurance first and then taper off to sprints as we get closer. Have to always find that balance of having the endurance to go the distance and the speed for the bursts.

Steele Stanwick: I lift weights and run, agilities, sprints three times a week to try and stay in good enough shape before training camp. 

Chazz Woodson: Though I think it's similar for a lot of guys, I'll only speak for myself here. Often my workout schedule is dictated by travel and other professional obligations. So I do my best to keep it consistent, but I may go a week or two, here and there, where I need to rely on pushups, sit ups, and a distance run, or maybe playing hoops for cardio. I generally don't ramp it up right before training camp.  I actually tone it down some about a week out.  At that point, I'm mostly focused on maintaining, and not just being ready for week one, two, three, but for staying healthy through week 14.

What do you focus on when improving your game?

Bice: Fundamentals. Being good at anything is about attention to detail and doing the little things right and that is why I am always working on the basics.

Connolly: My off hand – lots of practice with my off hand. I also focus on having the right mind set leading up to and during the season. Playing harder than your competition and having a positive attitude can bring you a long way in this game.

Megill: As a defenseman I always focus on my footwork – ladders, hurdles, cone drills, etc. Defense is all about body position and in order to achieve good body position you have to have quick feet to beat your man there.

Stanwick: I try and focus on every part of my game the best I can.  I can always improve my shooting, dodging, passing etc.

Woodson: I try to find one or two things that I know I can do better or more efficiently, and work on them so that I can add them to my game, or utilize them more in my game.  Beyond that, I make sure that the things that are already a consistent staple of my game are still tight.  We all have our specialties, and our go to moves.  If we are no longer effective with those things, then we have problems.

What was your favorite part about 2012?

Bice: It was great to play in OH and build the culture for this franchise for years to come!

Connolly: The Ohio Machine's first win of the season vs. Rochester, the MLL All-Star Game being my first one, and getting to know my new teammates.

Megill: The fans!! For our first year in Ohio, it was always great to be home and see the turnout.

Stanwick: My favorite part about 2012 season was getting my first win as a pro up in Canada, and also getting to know our team collectively. 

Woodson: Favorite part of 2012 was competing with a great group of teammates.  Despite the record last year, we truly competed every single game. The attitude and approach were consistent throughout the season.  Beyond that, it was nice to have my best season after essentially three years off.  I had not intended to even play last year. 

What do you think about the Machine’s college draft class?

Bice: Our front office and coaching staff did a great job! I am really looking forward to playing alongside current best college players in the country.

Connolly: It was a very good draft. I think it's the best class in the League. Making the jump from college to the pros is tough, but I feel we have a few players that will be able to make that transition this season.

Megill: I think we definitely got what we needed and I can’t wait to get them in the lineup and start our run to Championship Weekend.

Stanwick: The machines draft class is stacked with offensive talent which is exactly what we needed.  I am excited for everyone to get here and see how the pieces will fit. 

Woodson: I'm happy with the class, and I'm happy for them.  There generally tends to be a learning curve for the rookies, so we'll see how they manage that.  But at the end of the day, I think we added some pieces that make us more dangerous

Got more questions for Ohio Machine players? Ask them by sending us an email at and maybe you'll see your question answered in the next edition of Ohio Machine Sound Off! 

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