Ohio Machine Position Battles: Goalkeeper

3/18/13 8:10 AM

Ohio Machine Position Battles: Goalkeeper

Leading up to the Ohio Machine’s 2013 training camp, the Machine breaks down the individual positions of the team continuing with goalkeepers.

Goalies serve as the key communicators on the field as they direct the defense on the plan of action and act as a leader for the back portion of the field. Agility and hand-eye coordination are essentials in goal, especially when the ball is going at 100 mph.

For the Machine last season, Stefan Schroder and Brian Phipps split time as the starter, combining for 178 saves and allowing 199 goals.

Stefan Schroder played in nine games for the Machine last season allowing 124 goals with 99 saves. Schroder had a goals against average of 15.03 and his save percentage was 44.4 percent. Prior to joining MLL, Schroder played for Ohio State for two seasons and was named an All-American.

The Machine’s other goalie, Brian Phipps, had a goals against average of 13.64 after allowing 75 goals. Phipps’ save percentage was 51.3 percent after making 79 goals in the six games he played. He entered MLL with the Bayhawks in 2011 making 117 saves in 10 games for a 53% save percentage and was named to the 2011 MLL All-Star team.

New additions Tim McCormack and Rob Fortunato will compete for playing time this season at training camp.

Tim McCormack, who graduated from the University of Massachusetts, ended his senior season with a goals against average of 7.09 placing him first in CAC and fifth in the NCAA. After playing for the Minutemen from 2008-2012 and serving as a two-time captain, he made 298 saves and allowed only 248.

University of Virginia alum Rob Fortunato comes off an impressive college career making 203 saves and allowing only 154 goals in only 34 games. At the end of his senior season, he was named a USILA Scholar All-American and earned a USILA honorable mention and All-America honors. Fortunato also represented Team Italy in the 2010 World Championships.

With so many returning Machine veterans and fresh new faces gracing the Machine’s 40-man roster this season, 2013 training camp will showcase some of the very best players in the world competing for the top 25 spots entering into the 2013 season.

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