Full Support from Green Dental

9/4/12 9:00 AM

Full Support from Green Dental


For more than 20 years, dentist and Delaware native Dr. Robert E. Green has been an integral part of the Delaware community, as well as the family dental practice of Green Dental.  That commitment to the Delaware community led to Dr. Green’s partnership with the Ohio Machine during its inaugural season. 

“Having pro lacrosse is extremely positive for the sport and I wanted to show our support because it’s a great opportunity for the Delaware community,” said Dr. Green. 

Besides being a sponsor for the Machine, Dr. Green and his associate Dr. James Pawlecki serve as the Machine’s team dentists.  As the team dentist, Dr. Green provides general care to the players, as well as specialized treatment for lacrosse-specific needs starting with custom mouthpieces.  “We make a tri-lamented mouth piece, which is three layers,” said Dr. Green.  “The custom mouthguards are even made in team colors and have the name of the player in it.  They are nice mouthguards because we want everything that we are associated with to be the best quality product we can offer.”

Dr. Green also strives to bring the best quality of dental care to his patients from dental checkups and cleanings to teeth whitening and laser dentistry.  Dr. Green has been named the “Best Dentist in Delaware, Ohio” twice and uses a variety of new technologies to treat his patients, including laser dentistry and digital x-rays. “Digital x-rays appear on a computer screen and gives us more detail than regular x-rays,” said Dr. Green.  “And it provides us with instant feedback.” 

According to Dr. Green’s website, the Waterlase Laser Dentistry is used to comfortably perform many of the procedures that are often associated with the pain of a dental drill and the numbing effects of anesthetics.“Since Waterlase laser dentistry allows us to perform these dental procedures with laser precision and without the heat, pressure, vibration and pain of a dental drill, our patients enjoy a much more comfortable visit to the dentist,” said Dr. Green.

Dr. Green & Dr. Pawlecki, who are Official Sponsors of the Ohio Machine, believe that the fastest growing sport in the United States made a heavy impact on the Delaware community in its first season and that there is a lot in store for the team and the city.

“It was exciting to see the crowds in downtown Delaware and in the stands during the Machine games. I think this gives Delaware a distinct attraction above other small towns,” said Dr. Green.  “I feel the citizens of Delaware welcomed the Ohio Machine and created a loyal fan base.  The future is promising for the Ohio Machine in Delaware.”

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