Ask Head Coach Ted Garber

11/4/11 9:00 AM

Ask Head Coach Ted Garber

Fans can submit questions to Head Coach Ted Garber, who will answer them on a monthly basis. Questions can be submitted through Facebook, Twitter and Email.

How are you going about choosing your team for next season?

TG - We are going to choose our team based on what players would best fit into our philosophy – players who are willing to give up something individually for the collective group’s success.  There is a big difference between having a talented team and a team of talent in terms of long-term success. We want our players to understand from the beginning, that in most cases, what is best for the individual player is not necessarily what is best for the team.

How do I go about trying out for the team?

TG - Right now the plan is to hold an invitational tryout in late-March or early-April. Anyone who is interested in being invited to that tryout has to first register for the MLL Player Pool by the end of November. If you’re not registered with the League by the deadline, then you can’t be invited to the tryout no matter what. Players that make the cut during the tryout will be invited to training camp alongside our Expansion and Supplemental Draft picks for a chance to make the final roster. Click here to register. 

Is there a key to making what is still an expansion franchise a success or at least avoiding the usual expansion slump?

TG - If all of the coaches in the league had the key for instant success, we would all be implementing it from Day 1.  Some of your success is based on luck, the bounce of the ball, etc., but most of it is based on getting great people all on the same page and pulling the rope in the same direction and making it fun doing it.  Our GM/President, John Algie knows the league as well as anyone and his added insight and support should give us an added boost towards success as we move forward. 

What is it going to take for you to consider this first season a success?

TG - To consider this first season as a success, I think that it would be easy to simply say, win more games than we lose and also make the playoffs. Obviously, that is our primary goal. However, if we can develop a strong fan base who will support the team no matter what the circumstances are and we can do some great things for the local community then we can say we have achieved success at a certain level.  

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