Ohio Machine Season Ticket Holder Spotlight

10/28/11 9:00 AM

Ohio Machine Season Ticket Holder Spotlight

With the Ohio Machine’s inaugural season vastly approaching, lacrosse enthusiasts all over the Midwest are making sure they will be a part of Machine history come May 2012, especially season ticket holder Tim Mack.

“I love lacrosse.  It's an exciting sport that is fast paced and fun to watch,” said Tim.  “All three of my boys play lacrosse and I want to support the sport in Ohio, which is why I’ve become a season ticket holder.”

Tim, who didn’t grow up playing lacrosse himself, saw his first lacrosse game in 1980 when he was in Peterborough, Ontario and was a fan from the moment that indoor lacrosse game started. “It was definitely different from any sport I had seen. It has become an enthralling sport for me to watch. I can truly see myself as a lifelong fan.”

Now with all three of his sons playing the fastest growing sport in the nation, Tim is fully immersed – doing everything from announcing games to working as the team statistician – in the lacrosse community.

And like most lax fans, Tim can’t get enough of the “in-your-face” action that doesn’t usually come with mainstream sports. “There is never a dull moment in lacrosse.  If you blink too long you could miss an amazing shot or an amazing save.  The skills these players have are just jaw dropping.”

Tim sees having a professional lacrosse team in central Ohio and the influx of players with that jaw-dropping talent as a recipe for success and good news for the growth of the sport here, especially in the school system. “It means a whole lot for us here in Ohio.  It reaffirms that the lacrosse community in all of Ohio is legit.  The youth lacrosse programs and school programs are booming with participation – growing at an exponential rate.  Add enthusiasm for a professional team to the mix and it is a wonderful combination.”

To Tim, lacrosse fans who share such an incredible loyalty and enthusiasm for the sport are in a league of their own. “It's a different sport that attracts a combination of fans of soccer, hockey, football and even basketball. Lacrosse fans appreciate fast-paced, hard-hitting continuous action.” Tim believes that having talented players to create that fast paced, hard-hitting action for fans to enjoy is key to Machine success here in Ohio and he thinks that “the Machine is on the right track to getting some of the best players here.”

Tim notes that Machine not only traded for two of the best players in the world but two of his favorite players as well. “I can't pick just one favorite player these days.  It's the ‘dynamic duo’ Anthony Kelly and Greg Bice.  Kelly's shot and athletic ability is amazing.  He will command a lot of respect from opponents.  Bice's defensive footwork and stick skills are the best in the country.  I think first-time lacrosse watchers are in for a real treat.”

With the addition of all the talented players to the team, Tim believes that the Machine’s inaugural season will “definitely set the tone for years to come,” as well as impact not only its own standard but the standard for all the other sports teams in Columbus. “The sky is the limit for success.”

“I'm most excited for the Machine to bring some of the best lacrosse players in the world to a city that is embracing this sport – it’s simply amazing,” said Tim. “I wish the Ohio Machine all the best and hope that this community embraces the team and that it flourishes for many years to come.”

To join Tim as part of the Ohio Machine inaugural season ticket holder family, contact the Machine at (614) 754-1973 or visit Season ticket deposits are available now for only $20.12 with season ticket packages being announced at a later date. Most of the 2012 inaugural season tickets will be priced at just $100 for all seven home games.

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