Ohio Machine Season Ticket Holder Spotlight

9/30/11 9:00 AM

Ohio Machine Season Ticket Holder Spotlight

Move over soccer moms, there is a new breed of sports mom coming up through the ranks here in Ohio – the lacrosse mom. Lacrosse moms are just as enthusiastic and involved with their sport of choice as any other sports mom but can be even more fanatical. Just ask Ohio Machine season ticket holder Terre Burkhart of Dublin, OH, who has been a lacrosse mom ever since her boys began playing over 10 years ago and couldn’t be more thrilled to have professional lacrosse in her backyard. 

“I call myself a ‘laxoholic.’ I have three sons, two who played lacrosse – a goalie and a midfielder.  One is currently playing in college and the other is coaching high school lacrosse in Central Ohio.  My boys have teased me from time to time that I actually love the sport more than they do.”

From the first moment Terre learned of lacrosse, she was hooked on the action and the in-your-face play. 

“Lacrosse is fast-paced because of the quickness and speed needed to play. It not only requires physical skill and game knowledge but also a successful player must be able to think and solve problems quickly. My boys have often called it basketball on grass. I love basketball so it was no surprise that once I was exposed to lacrosse I was hooked.”

The action and excitement of the game wasn’t the only thing that made Terre the supporter she is today but also the history of the sport itself, which dates back to the early Native Americans. 

“I am proud that lacrosse is the oldest North American sport and came from the natives. Although lacrosse was played originally to resolve conflicts, heal the sick, and develop young boys into men, the play also was used as a preparation for war. Today’s fans are supportive of their own teams and often very vocal with support but they are civil to each other just as those who originally watched the Native Americans play. I love the bonding that lacrosse provides to not only the players but the fans. It is an extremely supportive community sport.”

With that sense of community in mind, Terre looks forward to introducing her love of lacrosse to the sport’s newbies. “I am excited that Major League Lacrosse is coming to Ohio because I am grateful that those who have never seen a lacrosse game, let alone an MLL game, will have the opportunity to be exposed to this historical sport.”

But Terre also sees the already well-established lacrosse community benefiting greatly, as well as the newly found fans, from the placement of a professional team in Central Ohio. “With a home team so close, the up-and-coming lacrosse players will be able to see world class players ‘in person’ and be able to look up to them – to use them to emulate their own game of play after watching the pros.  Now that Ohio has finally become recognized as a hot bed for lacrosse, there are even some hometown players. The exposure to those who are just now hearing and learning about the sport will prompt more interest in lacrosse after college other than just recreational leagues.”

Terre sees that growth and recognition of lacrosse not only in Ohio but also in the United States will be a main contributor to the Machine’s success.

“This is a sport that has been rapidly growing across the USA. It has been a treasured secret mostly known on the East Coast but now it is exploding...the state of Ohio is especially in gear with the progress.  Fans will now be able to see real lacrosse, the way it is supposed to be played. These fans will have the opportunity to share the game they love so much with their friends.”

But of course Terre, being a true lacrosse fan, has her favorites right now in MLL and is looking forward to watching them play next season for their respective teams. 

“My three favorites have to be Anthony Kelly of the Rattlers, Michael Kimmel of the Bayhawks and Jordan Burke of the Cannons. Anthony has done wonderful things for lacrosse in Central Ohio being from Cleveland and a standout at The Ohio State University. He has coached high school lacrosse in Central Ohio, actively promoting the game locally and teaching many young players in the area his tricks of the trade. And as for Michael and Jordan, their play speaks for itself and is fun to watch.”

Terre is also extremely excited to see Machine players take the field for the 2012 inaugural season next summer at Selby Stadium. “I am psyched,” adds Terre. “GO MACHINE!!”

To join Terre as part of the Ohio Machine inaugural season ticket holder family, contact the Machine at (614) 754-1973 or by visiting Season ticket deposits are available now for only $20.12 with season ticket packages being announced at a later date. Most of the 2012 inaugural season tickets will be priced at $100 for all seven home games.

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