Sponsor Spotlight: Infinite Impact

By Brian Bender |  7/15/14 11:30 AM

Sponsor Spotlight: Infinite Impact

Fans at Selby Stadium are getting up on their feet and cheering not just for the Ohio Machine and its high-octane offense this season. A new addition to Machine home games is getting the crowd firing on all cylinders.

The Infinite Impact Drone Cam can be seen flying around the stadium capturing the atmosphere of Machine games in epic fashion. Everyone at the games has seen the drone cam, now it’s time to meet the pilot behind the controls.

Mike Cairns and his two brothers followed their passions and dreams to start Infinite Impact in 2008.

“My brothers and I have been doing video production and multi-media since 1999,” Cairns said. “We’ve always had a dream to do this sort of thing together for a living and to share it with a lot of people.”

Sharing with the people in the crowd might be an understatement. Machine game day host Mike Todd can barely finish the words drone cam without the crowd drowning him out in anticipation of seeing the camera wiz by capturing their fanatic support for the Machine.

Drone photography is a labor of love for Mike. What the fans do not get to see is all the work behind the scenes.

“On game day were there early trying to establish and find shots that look cool and scenes that no one has ever seen before,” Cairns said.

A Machine home game has a lot of moving parts stemming from the game itself to the fans in the stands. Safety is always an important part of Mike’s game day planning.

“Our number one concern is safety,” Cairns said. “The Drone is a machine, not a toy, with high velocity spinning propellers, we take safety very seriously.”

When behind the controls it’s hard for Mike not to notice how excited the Machine faithful get to see the drone cam.

“It’s a really cool feeling,” Cairns said. “It’s pretty surreal to look across the field and see our banner and hear the fans going crazy.”

Mike puts in a lot of work during a Machine game but he still gets to immerse himself in the game day experience.

“Last home game my daughter Eliza got to go down the inflatable slide with me,” beamed Cairns. “I love all of the different fan interactions they have here from the t-shirt toss to the hamster balls.”

Selby Stadium during a Machine game offers fans a great atmosphere, and the opportunity to see one of the fastest, youngest teams in Major League Lacrosse. Cairns and the Infinite Impact Drone Cam will be there capturing all the action on and off the field and in ways you’ve never seen before.

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